About online trading platforms

Many routine tasks have been made easier and more accessible by technology in the modern household. Having the full functionality of the internet in the palm of your hand allows you to complete errands from the comfort of your couch. Saving and investing is also getting easier through what has been coined “do-it-yourself” or “self-directed” investing which allows investors to […]

Want to Start a Business Buying and Selling Used Cars? Here Are the Tips to Aid You on Your Way

So, you’re considering to start your own business in buying and selling used cars. In this business, it helps to have some working knowledge about cars, marketing, and integrity, although it is not a requirement. For some, it might be the buying that is intimidating, while others are more concerned with being able to make regular sales. But when you […]

We understand that each business has a unique process

As a custom software development company , mission to assist businesses like you. We understand that each business has a unique process. For this reason, we design, build, integrate, and upgrade custom software and applications. Most importantly, we ensure that they are tailored to your business’ process, goals, and needs. With the help of our custom software development services and […]

OpenCart Theme Custumization

OpenCart Theme Custumization Our friends at Digital Atelier just announced their brand new OpenCart theme Given the fact it’s the #1 bestselling theme for OpenCart, we think it’s quite a big deal so we decided to show you a tutorial on how to update your theme using Journal 2 and 3. Technically, Journal 3 is a completely new and separate theme from […]

Ubuntu with Windows Systems Share Files

LAN share folder If you need to get Windows systems to access Ubuntu file and folder resources… you may need to use Samba… One can use other methods.. but Samba is the easiest to setup and works great with Windows machines… Samba is an open source software that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Since Windows uses […]