When users browse the internet using Safari

China so-called Great Firewall effectively allows authorities to block websites from being accessed within China including Google and Facebook. VPNs are often used to get around China’s strict internet controls. An Apple spokesperson told CNBC that Private Relay will not work in China and some other countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Belarus and Uganda. Apple said it could not offer […]

The company faces a tough battle against misinformation on properties like YouTube

Google is going after the health sector in a major way, but Google’s health vice president said he’s feeling more pressure to bringits health products to Google-sized scale than to bring immediate revenue to the company. David Feinberg, who joined Google in a newly-created role as VP of health two years ago, said several times Wednesday that he feels pressure to bring […]

A spokesperson for the Department of Energy declined to comment

first reported details of the cyberattack. Sol Oriens did not name the attacker or confirm that it was ransomware, but CNBC has learned that the well-known hacker group REvil was responsible for the assault, according to cybersecurity sources.  One cybersecurity firm, which has seen documents posted on the dark web, told CNBC that they include invoices for NNSA contracts, descriptions […]

Adopting the European regulatory model

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google could be forced to overhaul their business practices under an expansive set of antitrust reforms introduced by a bipartisan group of House lawmakers on Friday. The package of five bills, draft versions of which were reported by CNBC and other outlets, would make it harder for dominant platforms to complete mergers and prohibit them from owning businesses that present clear conflicts of […]

Insight is the biggest investor in both

In April, Insight Partners’ Jeff Horing hopped on a flight to Israel for a breakfast with tech CEOs. It was also an opportunity to pay a visit to his firm’s first international office, which had opened less than two years before. Now, CEOs from two of those companies are visiting him in New York. They’re actually coming to ring the […]

While many top technology companies directed their employees

Microsoft employees slept in the software company’s data centers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, an executive said on Wednesday. While many top technology companies directed their employees to work from home after Covid showed up in the U.S. in 2020, some employees were so important that they had to work on site. That was the case for a select […]

About online trading platforms

Many routine tasks have been made easier and more accessible by technology in the modern household. Having the full functionality of the internet in the palm of your hand allows you to complete errands from the comfort of your couch. Saving and investing is also getting easier through what has been coined “do-it-yourself” or “self-directed” investing which allows investors to […]

Want to Start a Business Buying and Selling Used Cars? Here Are the Tips to Aid You on Your Way

So, you’re considering to start your own business in buying and selling used cars. In this business, it helps to have some working knowledge about cars, marketing, and integrity, although it is not a requirement. For some, it might be the buying that is intimidating, while others are more concerned with being able to make regular sales. But when you […]